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Glitzkrieg Burlesque

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"To see tassels in a dream denotes that you will reach the height of your desires." -Gustav Hindman Miller, 1900s psychoanalyst

Based in Seattle, Washington with encampments in Portland and San Francisco, Glitzkrieg Burlesque was formed in 2004 by seven of the west coast's most dazzling ecdysiasts. Glitzkrieg's bombshells are ready to fight their "sparkly war" on your home front.

In a time when sex and entertainment are on the same par as fast food, Glitzkrieg offers seduction, secrecy, and surprise with a wink and a defiant middle finger. Glitzkrieg's cabaret style performances evoke the smoky noir of Weimar, Berlin; the back alley glam rock of the Lower East Side; and the macabre allure of Carnivale... all while remaining true to their burlesque roots.

Born in vaudeville houses at the turn-of-the-century, American burlesque was a campy, bawdy mix of music, variety acts, and striptease. Burlesque gave birth to the go-go dancers of the 1960s, but within ten years, the art form died out with the advent of modern gentleman's clubs, and all-nude entertainment.

Fed up with the media saturation of narrowly appealing sexual imagery, the celebration of unrealistic body types, the eroticization of girls, and the raunchy and explicit atmosphere of modern strip clubs, Glitzkrieg revives the tease.

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